Sunday, February 13, 2011

1st post - frustration!

Have you tried to buy sewing patterns in Malaysia? Can't find any right? I was at a shopping mall 2 weeks ago and chanced upon a sewing shop. What? A sewing shop in the mid of a huge and popular shopping mall? Unheard of, but yes, it existed.

I almost bent over with joy. Someone sewing beautiful clothes for the public. But. The cost is not so friendly.
They had some patterns, just a hand few but the price was high. However, taking into consideration the almost non-existence of sewing patterns, it's fully understandable..though not so acceptable to me.

So what to do? I bought online. Direct from overseas and still with shipping costs and all, way cheaper and I got to pick like from hundreds of patterns online.

So, frustration no. 1 - solved.
Current craze - anything from the 60's!
2009 to current - already living it.
80's - very over those big shoulder pads days
70's - bell bottoms aren't my cup of tea
but hey...60's patterns are really something - simple, classic and a lot of A Lines - I like it plus it's probably the over dress I can ever wear.

Frustration no 2. Sewing books.
Again, so much limitation. I've been browsing the miserable 5 books everytime I visit the bookstore nearest to me. It didn't stop there. I went hunting bookstore to bookstore looking for more books. I believe books are a good investment and every single book I bought, I learnt something new in my journey of perfecting my sewing. At the moment, it is nowhere near perfect...merely struggling, but I am happy to take the challenge.

I guess the best bet would be closest to us, Kinokuniya Singapore. That's my wanted destination in the very near future! I will be buying non stop there - that I do know.

Out of frustration --- came delight. I chanced upon this book - Mrs Stylebook! A dream. Patterns are in Japanese but with some patience and hopefully correct guessing work, I figured out how to understand the patterns better. Definitely better than this Lady Boutique - which was very helpful too...but I the book was targetted for elderly women - that's the feeling I got as I have not gone gaga over any pattern. However, Stylebook was way much better and I can certainly have a vision of me wearing many of the patterns.

More to come :)

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