Friday, March 11, 2011


Finding for sewing patterns in Malaysia?

The chances are you will find nothing.  I have checked everywhere on the net and it ended up empty.

So, I resorted to importing my own patterns from the USA. They are reasonable considering the age of the patterns.  They came in 3 batches and I have more than 30 patterns for me to play with. Which is going to take me like maybe 5 years to sew, but I am just so happy to have them.

Sewing patterns come with instructions and I am super glad I have them :)

Will post the pictures soon!


If you have frustration finding the above...welcome to the club!

If you are looking for an adjustable dress from - don't dream! They do not exist in Malaysia.

If you are looking for a cheap stand or similar mannequin. Google and you will probably find very few links. I did it and find it frustrating at times. Don't ask many question because, if they don't have it, they won't reply your email. If you are the type to buy and use, then you can easily find them online, a very hand few anyway.

If you are looking for a dressform, same thing, same supplier and I cannot vouch for the quality.

I am looking for a proper Tailor dummy, one that is pinable and of good quality. Not just another mannequin or dressform.

And I found it. And I am going to see this baby tomorow and I will buy it if the quality is right.  It took me a long time to find the shop but I am glad I got it!

More to come...