Sunday, April 24, 2011


I cannot work in a messy environment. There have been times where the sewing room is messy due to work in progress, but the minute I have am free, I need to re-organise to make things clutter free again. Mess makes me crazy and I feel that my brain cannot function properly and my creativity has been stifled. However, that said, there are people who work well in messy condition.  So, I guess whatever works best.

I have my own sewing room, though I had to share it with my son, so there is a scatter of dinosaurs toys here and there. Still, he occupies a small space in the sewing room  and I do wish I had a much larger room. I drool over those beautiful spaces with a proper cutting table and one with a window will be the icing on top of the cake. While I live in a house with lots of window, this particular room has no window to outside. The other room  is used by the girls for their study and a little small for me. I have been so inspired by beautiful rooms and wish I have something similar. So, in the progress of changing the room, upgrading, updating, re-painting's a long list to do for a medium sized room...I have been so inspiring by all these beautiful sewing spaces. I think if I own one of them, I'll practically live inside these rooms forever.

Sewing spaces from :

I love those shelves! Love that aqua table and love the curtain most! If only my sewing room faces our fish pond and it will be perfect!

Seriously, this sewing and craft room owned by Jenny B. Harris of I tell you, I have seen this picture reproduced in so many websites and the moment, I laid my eyes on it, I am absolutely in love! Who wants to leave a sewing space like this! Love that cutting table, and see how organised everything is! This site is one of the most creative places on earth and everyone should have a peek of Jenny's super creative tutorials. Love the colour combination of blue/aqua and white. In fact I have a white sewing room with an earthy brown feature wall, so if I have to re-paint it, I'll paint the feature wall blue.

  Happy creating.

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