Sunday, April 24, 2011


In our fast paced world, many people resort to online selling. I am not a seller but a compulsive buyer - unfortunately :(

My first taste of online buying was fabrics. Loads of them. Way too much of them. Most of them still lay neatly folded for the next project somewhere in my sewing room. Most of these are beautiful fabrics by Amy Butler, Heather Bailey and many, many others. Fabrics you won't find in any shops here but they are sold online locally. At first, I bought from local online shops. I found them expensive, so I resorted to buying them from sellers - still online too- all the way from the US. Despite the wait and possibility of them go missing (have had that before), all arrived in good order and all sellers had been very efficient.  However, with too many on hand and no time to do anything, I've stopped for now.

Next stop: Patterns. Simply from the US because they are not found on planet here. Prices are reasonable when on sales and one pattern can churn out many, many other variations and outfits right? Yes, I am still dreaming of that as with so many nicely folded and kept as treasure, I hardly had the time to sew a hand few...but I am still dreaming.

Then back to online fabrics locally. Whenever I want specific and mostly craft related fabrics, they are bought from the US. Most of clothing fabric are bought locally, and I find the price is very reasonable. If you get them online, well, they will cost 2 to 5 times more. However, I am all for online shopping here as I have bought quite some fabric online here.  Though I know I pay more, but what attracted me was the design and I could not have them in the fabric shops nearest to me. However, be prepared, the quality and what you envisioned may not be exactly what you wanted, but so far, I am not complaining as this is expected.  Most local sellers have been pretty efficient and I get the fabrics max in 2 working days, so good job you guys!

I did have one particular bad experience from a well known local craft/fabric seller in my earlier days. She wanted upfront payment for some pre-order fabrics, which I duly paid. After weeks of waiting - no news, so I wrote to her. Answer was: sorry - no stock, please pick another. It was pathetic because money have been paid but she didn't even bothered to tell me that the stock was unavailable. Ok, no choice, so I chose another but after a week of being promised delivery, still no fabric and no news. I was annoyed and wrote to her, so some sorry was said and fabric came a day or two later. Lesson to seller: it's okay to run into problems at times, but keep us informed.  I never buy from her again.  I am never a back out buyer and ticks me off when dealing with sellers like this.

Another form of online buying addiction some time ago (thank's over for now..), was branded online buying, also here from a famous seller. I wrote to book, banked in money and the next day (yes, just next day, not next week) when I wrote about it. I got a message : sorry, its been sold to others because I have an amount (the one I promised to bank in) in my bank but I didnt know who. So, I had to chose something else. Have I learnt my lesson? No, I proceed to buy something else again from the same buyer thinking that was an one off issue. Same thing happened again. Same answer: I had this money but not sure who it was, so I sold off the item.  Never buy from this person again.

I am not a seller but I think selling online for some extra cash is a good idea and why not? However, if you are, response to your buyers fast, tell them if the stock is unavailable, refund as promptly as you would like us to bank in if you could not deliver the goods, be personalized even though we are your no. 1000th enquiries or sales for the day - simple things like this makes repeated buyers like us coming back all the time.

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