Thursday, May 5, 2011


I am in pattern heaven, if there's such an expression :)  All my new patterns came in order from the US...after 3 weeks of waiting but worth it.  I wrote about the impossible of finding such patterns here, but I am glad I have an ever growing collection of patterns.

Dying to try these "Amazing Fit" patterns.

 Love this latest Vogue pattern and will try it out when I have the right materials soon :)

Unlike Japanese patterns, which ranges from easy to impossible to sew as the instructions are either too vague or one simply cant understand Japanese. These patterns are very precise and offers step by step, and highly successful result. That being said, it's best to study the patterns thoroughly before attempting anything. I think I am going to take a long time to finish everything.

There is ONE place that I know which sell such patterns at one particular mall, and they dont come cheap..double the whatever I paid for the patterns imported from the US.  When I went through their 20+ patterns, I was drawn to this and bought it anyway....

....and made this. I did modified the collar and was very happy with the outcome. Easy peasy tunic to make.

 Happy sewing :)

Monday, May 2, 2011


I am currently at 'that stage'. The stage of re-decorating my sewing and craft room. I am 90% done but am still fascinated by how other creative people decorate their space. Love the colour and again, green and aqua do really blend well with white. I've got almost everything in place, white pinup boards, white shelves, white cabinets, both open and covered. Next, will be my white table! Source from : here.


I am still loving beautiful sewing and crafting spaces. It is IMPOSSIBLE not to love this space. It's really is my kind of space and I can stay here for a long time thinking of what I want and can create!  Just love that red curtain and everything is highly organised. Source: here. This is the colour I would love for my room, as it is, everything I am buying is already in white.


I spent a day at Ikea last weekend buying two white shelves to put all my junks in. Bought a white magnetic board too which serves as a great pin up area for sewing patterns just right on top of my sewing machine. My room is white with a brownish feature wall, which will be re-painted soon. So, surfing for inspiration on pin up boards, this was amazing. Which makes me want to do up my board...and now I wondered why I need it in white in the first place. Read the great tutorials from  :)