Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mid week rant

It's mid week. Thursday actually. It's nice to have this blog. Nice not to have to comment on others. Nice to be thinking something crafty. I have been sewing a lot and get such huge satisfaction on it. My second 'patterns' came, all on Vogue as they had a great offer and I have way too many sewing projects I want to embark, but I just dont have the time. Sewing has been satisfying. The past 2 days I sewn a skirt and a blouse, something simple, something that fits me well and most importantly, exactly with the materials and how I wanted it to be. Cost was a pittance as materials were so affordable. Had I had to buy it off the rack, it will set me back at least a hundred to two. My sewing has improved and I find that every time I embark on a new project, I make mistakes. I learn. I get better. However, whenever I sew the next project with an existing pattern which I had done before, everything seems so easy peasy. So, practise does make sewing perfect and easy!

Unfortunately, I am still far from perfect. I still have projects abandoned halfway due to difficulties and frustration. I still have so many photos of existing stuff that I want to post and haven't got the time yet. I am loving the June 2011 Burda magazine which I will try to make at least 1 dress. I am still wondering how I can get a copy of Burda from Singapore in the future. This copy was bought when I was there. I scooped them all up - Burda, Female (though, now already selling in some bookstores), Boutique - Italian sewing patterns but who cares, if I could do Japanese - I think I could tackle Italian. I think Italian Boutique is available via subscription...not sure, but still - I want Burda, and oh yes, the discontinued here now, copy of New Look (Japanese sewing).

Local bookstores sucks on sewing patterns :(   There is Lady Boutique (Japanese), if you dont mind aunty-ish patterns but I did make a blouse or two from my collection...many totally still new. I just love the idea of looking at the pattern drafting parts. I am happy that I no longer really read all the instructions (patterns or book). I guess I have graduated (...sort of)..from being a newbie that is.  All I need now are the patterns and I can figure out how to sew them easily. It comes with experience. I do remember Lady Boutique from my auntie's time a godzillion years ago. She was a professional seamstress and can sew anything under the sky. My mom has her collection from the early eighties and passed them to me. After a week, I sent them back to mom...the patterns arent appealing so much and I am not a huge fan of the 80s/

Still.....I dont understand. Why there are a tons of knit, cross stitch and quilt books and magazine in our local bookstores. It's almost pathetic. I have almost all the sewing books when I started this interest, so I am now only into patterns. I guess when I could do self drafting is when I have truly 'matured' as a sewist. And, why is Singapore, a nation smaller than us, has a full stock of all the major sewing magazines? So, I guess people here just love knitting sweaters...we always need them for our hot weathers?

After having my tailor's dummy....the next thing I covet is a proper cutting table. However, limited sewing space is tough. Sitting is tough. On the floor is even worst. So, after reading a few other members on how they cut their patterns and fabric, I now do it on my kitchen counter. Seems ergonomically perfect and not back breaking. AND, I still want that proper table.

I now plan better. Rather than sewing one miserable project a week, I am stretching to do 2 to 3. One major - and that's normally a dress, the 2nd one a simple skirt or blouse. I found that cutting a few patterns and fabrics help a lot as it get the 'ideas' off my mind and get me back on track to sewing and finishing everything. It seems that the easiest part now is sewing. Yay for that!

Now about fabrics.

The past 2 months, I had been buying fabric online. Plus points - you get them overnight. Negative points - I ended up buying pretty looking fabrics on online - which turned out to be batik based and they are expensive. From where I live, the nearest one and only miserable fabric shop sell nice and extremely affordable cotton fabrics. These same stuff get sold for a price 3 - 4 times more.  So, I stopped online. Nothing like the feeling of fabric in your hand.'s one of those fabrics which I fall in love with and cannot sleep for weeks until I have them hibernating in my cabinets.  Note to self : stop wanting & needing more fabrics. Reality check : there's still tons lying around untouched. So, sew!

Sewing vintage:

After spending too much money importing vintage patterns (it's a terrible disease...being addicted), I have a whole box-full of them, and still haven't tried a single one. So, this is on my favourite pattern. I love that neckline...probably will tone down that skirt a bit. Humongous fluffy skirt may not be suitable now. I love all 60's patterns, though I have 2 given as a gift from my pattern seller...those dated 1944! So good to have a piece of history.

Okay, this is posting all over the place. One of the fabrics I ordered came was this...and one of the few (unfortunately) fabrics I am really happy I have.  When I saw this polka dotty pattern on the right, I fell in love with it. It's Japanese. The first thing I made was this skirt in black. Easy and figure flattering - that's most important - that 'figure' part! So, when I saw the fabric, it was a 'had to have it' moment. It came, very lightweight cotton which need lining, not exactly like the photo but a close enough match. Time to sew.

It's been good to do this post. It's also been good not being pressured to blog hop and comment.  It even feels good talking to myself on this blog :)

I should do a post on tailor's dummy since people seem to be coming here while searching for one online.

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