Monday, July 11, 2011

BURDA -June 2011

A late review.

Burda June 2011.

I didn't know Burda existed in Malaysia before. However, while checking on this on blogs, I understand that they were sold some times ago but I dont know why they are not sold anymore. I can only think it must be due to poor sales and connected to high pricing.  This magazine was bought while I was in Singapore and it is anything but cheap. However, for people who love to sew and relying on patterns, this seem to be a perfect magazine as there are more than 30 patterns in one magazine. So, if one divide the high cost of magazine to 30 patterns, I guess it's still worth to buy it. Now, I only focus on spring and summer issues on all sewing patterns, since there is no way we can wear anything from any winter collections.  I was captivated by this dress and have the exact material I needed to make it...though still not done yet.

All full list of items with attached patterns.

Their June issue has a B.B introduction, that's Bridget Bardot inspired collection. I so love this top!

Yes, very 60's and very Bardot and I would love to have that blouse.

A feature from Blumarine. I should make a knit dress like this soon.

Another summer inspired top.

2 weekends ago, I actually made this blouse. Super easy and fast!

A peep of the patterns, it can be mind boggling trying to figure out but with patience, it's okay and I down to the most boring part of sewing - tracing patterns :(

All my effort to try to get a copy end in vain but I was really happy when a friend of mine will be visiting Singapore this week and I quickly handed her the money so she can get my July issue. Here's what's at the back of the June magazine, a peek into July's issue.

 Happy sewing.

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