Monday, July 11, 2011


Good news for those who love sewing but cant find the proper patterns and cannot get hold of Burda here, or have to spend tons of money to import your own patterns from the US - not to mention the risk of having the whole parcel missing.....and other than getting Japanese sewing books with patterns, there's FEMALE. Not the fashion magazine, but the sewing version in Japanese.  I have both the latest copies, one bought in Singapore and another....surprisingly, available in certain bookstores now. 

Similar to Burda, there's more than 30 style and patterns available in this magazine and at a very low pricing. However, this is more for the younger set but if you can do simple modification, you still can easily change some of the patterns to suit your needs.

This will be an easy peasy tunic to make.

Another raglan sleeves, did I mentioned I hate sleeves. Despite setting in many blouses with sleeves, I still struggle everytime...and this is the reason why I love raglan sleeves. This one has some folds/pleats in the sleeves, so should be also very easy.

Very girlish and young, but I like the sleeves.

Cannot read Japanese? Don't need to. Most of my pattern books are in Japanese and I manage to learn the instructions fairly easy. In fact, after a couple of months of sewing, I won't be needing the instructions much - just the pattern will do. One day, I hope to self graduate to be able to 'draft my own patterns', then I'll be super happy.


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