Sunday, September 25, 2011


I had been thinking about adding new accessories to my current ones. My machine came with these feet, all 7 of them. I must admit when I bought the sewing machine a year ago and with little experience in sewing, except sewing with a 40 years old Singer machine, I didnt know much about these feet. It took some time, trial and error to figure out the feet. Luckily for this machine, it came with 135 different sewing style and each style indicate a specific feet to use.

Now, wanting to explore more on the feet and feeling a bit more adventureous, I contacted the machine company and got their contact. I went over to their office and they gave me the brochures and I was do delighted to find that there were so many varieties of feet available....maybe its only me.  So, I ticked a few feet off their brochures to buy but they only had 2 available and I bought them anyway.  Here are 2 new ones, plus an invisible feet I bought not long ago.I do love that picot foot on the right.

Here's the picot feet sewing, great for sewing ruflles as decor or even sewing up the hem on lining.

The middle feet, which was a pintuck took a little more time to figure out despite its detailed instruction.  I was wondering how to put the additional thread spool since it require a twin needle but luckily found out somehow. Finally got to use the twin needle.

Here's the result. Row of neat pintucks and very easy to use. Definitely beats sewing the conventional fold and pin-sew way. Fast and those grooves gives a precise spacing. I am confident now that there will be lots of fun using this new feet.

Happy sewing!

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  1. I love the pintuck feet. haven't got one just yet, never really thought I'd be needing it. But now I do, thanks for sharing.
    I have the picot feet, often use it to neaten the raw edges on lightweight fabric (especially chiffon) since I don't have serger. give it a try you'll love it. happy sewing