Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I've had my Brother sewing machine for almost a year. Often I read that simple upkeep of the machine is important, dusting and oiling and also to cover it all up. While I love this machine, I must admit I've pretty much neglected it as even though it came with a hard cover, I never use the cover.  So, over the weekend I peered at the back of the machine and found that it had collected loads of dust all over. I took out the small brush which came with the machine and dusted off pretty much most of the dust from the outside.  Took some thick tissue and gave it a wipe with some organic cleaning liquid and it looks good.  I also finally ticked off "to and must do" project from a long list of other projects circling in my head for the past 6 months.  I made a simple cover. Nothing fancy or difficult, just a plain reversible cover that covers up the machine.

I chose this fabric for it's bright colours and love the bird motives.  It was an imported fabric and precious to me.

Paired it with my all time favourite fabric of baby blue with sweet pink roses at the reverse.

I cut the blue slightly smaller than the blue and use the excess bird fabric to cover the edges. Super easy. 

Here's the completed cover. I added some red polka dots on both sides of my Michael Miller birds fabrics for some fun and love them.  Here it is showing both sides.

I simply drape it over the machine and found that making is slightly larger than the machine means there is no need for ribbons or button. I like it like this, simple and easy..or it can sit prettily on top of any table top and can be used for many other purpose should I want to make another piece. It took no more than an hour to complete this project. 

If you dont have one, make it soon :)

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