Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The shopping never stops!

I promised myself that I will - or should not buy any more new cloth until I have finished sewing my stash.  A promise that is close to impossible. The husband kept asking, 'why do you need so many fabrics?', 'when you will finish sewing the fabrics' and on and on.  I have my own sewing space and as much as I wish it were 3 times more, it's confined to a medium sized room. Growing fabric collection also means the need for more space and honestly, I could not sew fast enough to exhaust whatever collection I have.

Anyway....for a person who loves sewing and going to a fabric shop is like going to a candy store for any kid.
There are too many to choose from and I have tons of ideas on what to do with the fabric...if I can find the time. I find that organization is the key.  Do the mundane stuff first, trace (not anyone favourite, certainly not mine) and cut the fabrics. I keep to 2 - 3 easy project a week. I have been sewing many skirts as they are super easy and can sew up to 2 a day without interruption. So, 2 - 3 skirts are a breeze.  For more challenging ones like some patterns I have never tried before or a dress with full lining, that I give a full one week. I guess a professional seamtress can easily tackle that in a day...but I work full time and have limited sewing time at home.

I always buy from a fabric shop near my home, not more than 10 minutes drive away. Each time I go there, I am dissapointed. This shop seems to cater for specific people and their cotton selection is always very limited. I seem to be seeing the same stuff week after week.  One day, I thought I'd pop over to another shop just 20 minutes away from home. I had in mind something equally lame as the previous shop but I was very surprised.  Rows and rows of cotton and many Japanese cotton too! So, I bought more - what else.

Love the pinkish peacock-feather like and want to something for the girls. They have in other shades too.

After seeing boring cotton designs from my previous shops, I told my husband and I wont be going back there for a long, long time. Not when this shop has a huge array of Japanese cotton like the following.

Bought more black and dark blue fabrics, very good quality Japanese cotton, thick and yet soft, just perfect for my skirts.

Here's the latest stash...and there will be more buying in store this weekend as I intend to go to their other outlets.  More fabric heaven there for sure!

This very light weight cotton was bought 2 weeks back at a trip outstation. I felt that I have over paid too much for it, but liked it then. Not a fabric for clothing but I was thinking of using part of it for some project...not sure what as of now.

Bought a few meters of this from that 'boring' shop at another outlet earlier.  And this is definitely Japanese cotton as it has the brand Lecien stamped at the bottom. Cant get more authentic than that.

What exactly is Japanese cotton. I bought 2 Japanese cotton from an online seller based in Japan a few months ago and fell in love with them. The quality was extremely high, slightly heavier feel and yet so soft to sew anything.  However, I find too many online sellers market their fabric as Japanese cotton, but many times when I bought them, they are just plain ol' cotton which I could buy for a fraction of the price I paid. So dissapointing at times.  I ranted about buying online and promised myself not to buy anymore...but I never listen to whatever I promise myself all the time. So...I ended up buying 2 sets of aha! Japanese cotton online, captured by the beauty of how good it looked online...paid, received in order, and again, it was dissapointing.   It was not Japanese cotton.  So, it's back to good old fashion fabric hunting, feeling them myself and paying a very small price for that one beautiful cloth!

Yay to more sewing!

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