Monday, October 24, 2011


I admire Genine's blog. Absolutely brilliant and creative person. When I read that she will have a line of fabrics by cloud9fabrics, I knew I have to get them.  There was a time I bought so many fabrics from etsy, shipping them all the way from the US. That was the start of my sewing journey and my endless frustration of good and beautiful complementing cotton designs here.  Buying them online and shipping them from the USA is still way cheaper than buying locally.  So, I had a huge stash of FQ and 1 meters of wonderful fabrics, thankfully, nothing got lost in the post. That was way back when I did craft sewing and had a paypal account. Such buying was addictive but not good for the pocket. Therefore, to stop the buying, I cancelled the paypal account. No more buying of fabrics from US. However, the frustration for beautiful fabrics locally continues...but it's okay because at the rate I sew, I can never outsew the stash.

When I read about Genine's new line. I know this is it. Time to re-connect with paypal again - soon. That is no good, but I am waiting impatiently for these to be on sale early next year.

I am in love with those 2 birds design.  When the time is here and ready, I will order lots of them and I do know that they will cost a lot, but one has to get what one needs. That black fabric with birds is my favourite and I have so many thing running through my head to make with it.

Photos arent mine, pop over to Cloud9 for their best selection ever.

Till then...paypal and credit card is safe..for now.

Monday, October 17, 2011

MOOD BOARD and in love with WHITE, AQUA and RED

I have a medium sized sewing room, and I assume everyone has a sewing / craft room, or at least a sewing space.

I have been obsessed with white and aqua.  About 2 years ago, I painted my whole room white with an earthy feature wall. That was before sewing and crafting.

Ever since I started sewing, I wanted to re-paint my feature wall aqua, and maintain everything else white.  I bought every furniture in white. Changed my ikea table legs from iron to white boxes-legs, best ever, because then I can put more stuff inside and be organised.

This picture is not mine, it belongs to the very talented Alicia Paulson. I love that whole aqua thing-y, love the lanterns (gave me more ideas) and most of all, I love that it opens up to a garden. I live in a corner lot with land and one day, wish I can renovate and have my sewing room facing the garden and fish pond.

Somehow, in many craft rooms, aqua and red are a great combination.

This is one of 2 mood or inspiration board - both white, with this one much smaller.  Here's a corner of that white board.

BUT, aqua dream aside, I also love red.  So,  when I came across these red  gift wrappers in Chinese motifs, one(left) is dedicated for Chinese weddings and the right one is just floral but somehow matches the wedding theme.  So, this is what I am staring at every time I look up from my sewing machine.

White furniture make-over is almost over...except the black glass floral table top I have from Ikea, just too pretty to throw away...but soon, that's making way for a proper white top.  Can't wait to re-paint the wall aqua.


One of the largest bookstore cum cruise ship, Logos Hope was in town, so we hopped on board. Its not often we get on board a cruise ship, so the family was there. Grabbing lots of books at very reasonable pricing.  There were some books on sewing but mainly beginners, so I didn't buy any.

I did buy this cute owl-tape-pin cushion.

I sew a cover for my vintage sewing machine, Singer brand, aged more than 40 years old, still working very well and inherited from my mom.  I used the same material from the earlier machine cover. On the reverse, I had the light blue with small strawberries fabric..always a favorite choice of mine.

I wondered for the longest time whether I should keep the vintage machine, considering the sewing room I have and wanting to have a proper cutting table. Then I bought this mini sewing board from Ikea - love it! - on when put on top of my good old vintage machine, it was the perfect height. Without fail, having a sewing board is extremely handy, and to think that for the longest time I sew without ironing just because I was too lazy to climb up to our first floor where the iron was placed.

Finally, I managed to sew a dress for my teen daughter from this vintage pattern. Having 2 girls at home means also a lot of pink fabric and as usual, I do wish I have more time to sew for them. It was very easy and I had to tweak the darts at the bust and it fitted them very well. So, I cut up a 2 more fabrics for more weekend sewing.

Just a few stitches away from completing this dress, the sewing machine stopped. Obviously, not working and going nowhere, I sent it back for service.  After a couple of hours of waiting and it was ready. No fun waiting but no choice either.  The good part was I bought another foot, the walking foot which was good for quilting and sewing thick layers. I've got a pattern churning in my head for a quilt and once I am done with all the dresses and a another long list of 'to sew', I'll try the quilt...which may take a long time!  So, I guess, that's the good part, buying that extra feet, plus, back home after service, the machine is whirring away like new! The repairman reminded for annual service.

So, it shall be a very busy weekend...dresses, skirts (done!), blouses, bags for the kids.....never ending.  I need more time :)

Monday, October 3, 2011


I am all for accessories.  I got my healing mat, wide ruler and rotary cutter a year ago while into making bags and pencil cases for the children.  For anyone doing quilting, these are a must as it gives precision and makes our cutting/sewing life so much easier. That said, I hardly use them at all, havent sewn a quilt yet and there seem to be so many things that I want to do but dont have enough time to do them.

Bought my second rotary cum pinking cutter online from Singapore.  It's quite frustrating to note that sewing supplies are not easily available and when they are, it's expensive.  Even buying from Singapore and having them flew in is cheaper for now. Pinking cutter is great for those who does not have a serger - like me - and I pink my cotton most of the time on areas like armholes and necklines.  They do fray over time though. Again, this is hardly used.

A weekend shopping trip to a mall nearby and I found a thrift shop. A good one where there were loads of interesting things to buy - interesting and usable, not just cheap rubbish stuff nobody wants. So, I got this mini cutter for RM5 or USD1.60.  Thought I will use it to cut bias tapes, etc. Since its so cheap, I will buy a few more the next round. No refill though, just simply throw away and buy a new one.

Cutting by the layers seems to be a's easily ten layers here, though I am not sure if I am supposed to cut so many at one time. I have this lovely pink batik which I wanted to make something, not sure what yet. The wide ruler and healing mat with lines makes measuring so easy.

Done in a jiffy! The entire stack here finished in less than half hour. If by hand, that will take a long time!

Meanwhile, I sew a 'necklace' for Sopie - tailor's dummy! She had these pins all over her and for the longest time, I didn't like the sight of needles everywhere.  I am not really happy with the result, so I will make another one this weekend.  Talking about this dummy, I find that I hardly use I just might want to sell her off or just keep her in my sewing room. I find it such a pity to let go of her after taking such a long time to find and buy her, but is precious in my sewing room.

Happy sewing.