Monday, October 24, 2011


I admire Genine's blog. Absolutely brilliant and creative person. When I read that she will have a line of fabrics by cloud9fabrics, I knew I have to get them.  There was a time I bought so many fabrics from etsy, shipping them all the way from the US. That was the start of my sewing journey and my endless frustration of good and beautiful complementing cotton designs here.  Buying them online and shipping them from the USA is still way cheaper than buying locally.  So, I had a huge stash of FQ and 1 meters of wonderful fabrics, thankfully, nothing got lost in the post. That was way back when I did craft sewing and had a paypal account. Such buying was addictive but not good for the pocket. Therefore, to stop the buying, I cancelled the paypal account. No more buying of fabrics from US. However, the frustration for beautiful fabrics locally continues...but it's okay because at the rate I sew, I can never outsew the stash.

When I read about Genine's new line. I know this is it. Time to re-connect with paypal again - soon. That is no good, but I am waiting impatiently for these to be on sale early next year.

I am in love with those 2 birds design.  When the time is here and ready, I will order lots of them and I do know that they will cost a lot, but one has to get what one needs. That black fabric with birds is my favourite and I have so many thing running through my head to make with it.

Photos arent mine, pop over to Cloud9 for their best selection ever.

Till then...paypal and credit card is safe..for now.

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  1. Lovely fabrics! It’s no wonder why it’s so irresistible. Well, sewing definitely is an expensive hobby, especially for us because we have to buy almost everything online! Patterns, sewing magazines, fabrics and sewing supplies- I even got my ballpoint needle shipped all the way from US because I can’t find it around here. And though I know all these spending hurts my budget, I just don’t know how to stop! it feels like almost impossible to..oh, you are so right Sophie! - “one has to get what one needs” :)