Monday, October 17, 2011

MOOD BOARD and in love with WHITE, AQUA and RED

I have a medium sized sewing room, and I assume everyone has a sewing / craft room, or at least a sewing space.

I have been obsessed with white and aqua.  About 2 years ago, I painted my whole room white with an earthy feature wall. That was before sewing and crafting.

Ever since I started sewing, I wanted to re-paint my feature wall aqua, and maintain everything else white.  I bought every furniture in white. Changed my ikea table legs from iron to white boxes-legs, best ever, because then I can put more stuff inside and be organised.

This picture is not mine, it belongs to the very talented Alicia Paulson. I love that whole aqua thing-y, love the lanterns (gave me more ideas) and most of all, I love that it opens up to a garden. I live in a corner lot with land and one day, wish I can renovate and have my sewing room facing the garden and fish pond.

Somehow, in many craft rooms, aqua and red are a great combination.

This is one of 2 mood or inspiration board - both white, with this one much smaller.  Here's a corner of that white board.

BUT, aqua dream aside, I also love red.  So,  when I came across these red  gift wrappers in Chinese motifs, one(left) is dedicated for Chinese weddings and the right one is just floral but somehow matches the wedding theme.  So, this is what I am staring at every time I look up from my sewing machine.

White furniture make-over is almost over...except the black glass floral table top I have from Ikea, just too pretty to throw away...but soon, that's making way for a proper white top.  Can't wait to re-paint the wall aqua.


  1. I use my apartment's medium room as my sewing space, and it's always in wreck!:) Love aqua&white soothing combo..not sure about aqua/red..enjoy painting your sewing room! :)

    1. Sophie, contact me re: Blue Gardenia Sewing Spaces, pls. (By the way, your blog is even harder to comment on than mine! I am leaving this comment as my hubby. Wouldn't let me do it as myself!)