Monday, October 17, 2011


One of the largest bookstore cum cruise ship, Logos Hope was in town, so we hopped on board. Its not often we get on board a cruise ship, so the family was there. Grabbing lots of books at very reasonable pricing.  There were some books on sewing but mainly beginners, so I didn't buy any.

I did buy this cute owl-tape-pin cushion.

I sew a cover for my vintage sewing machine, Singer brand, aged more than 40 years old, still working very well and inherited from my mom.  I used the same material from the earlier machine cover. On the reverse, I had the light blue with small strawberries fabric..always a favorite choice of mine.

I wondered for the longest time whether I should keep the vintage machine, considering the sewing room I have and wanting to have a proper cutting table. Then I bought this mini sewing board from Ikea - love it! - on when put on top of my good old vintage machine, it was the perfect height. Without fail, having a sewing board is extremely handy, and to think that for the longest time I sew without ironing just because I was too lazy to climb up to our first floor where the iron was placed.

Finally, I managed to sew a dress for my teen daughter from this vintage pattern. Having 2 girls at home means also a lot of pink fabric and as usual, I do wish I have more time to sew for them. It was very easy and I had to tweak the darts at the bust and it fitted them very well. So, I cut up a 2 more fabrics for more weekend sewing.

Just a few stitches away from completing this dress, the sewing machine stopped. Obviously, not working and going nowhere, I sent it back for service.  After a couple of hours of waiting and it was ready. No fun waiting but no choice either.  The good part was I bought another foot, the walking foot which was good for quilting and sewing thick layers. I've got a pattern churning in my head for a quilt and once I am done with all the dresses and a another long list of 'to sew', I'll try the quilt...which may take a long time!  So, I guess, that's the good part, buying that extra feet, plus, back home after service, the machine is whirring away like new! The repairman reminded for annual service.

So, it shall be a very busy weekend...dresses, skirts (done!), blouses, bags for the kids.....never ending.  I need more time :)

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  1. Wise decision to keep your vintage sewing machine! It is indeed a perfect match for your mini iron board, and who knows it might come handy if the other one break down, or for your girls to learn to sew. I remember I was about 12 when my mom first let me used her vintage treadle Butterfuly and years later she bought for herself a treadle Singer which still works amazingly well. She passed me the Butterfly-it truly was my first love :) sadly it's no loger working as smooth as it was before despite countless of repair, and even I have one on my own now, I'm keeping the vintage Butterfly for its sentimental value.
    It is really frustrating when the machine broke but you are lucky to got it serviced in couple of hours, some may have to wait for days.
    Happy sewing and good luck on your quilting, can’t wait to see more of your creations!:)

    p.s: we are indeed need more time for our endless to-do list:)