Monday, October 3, 2011


I am all for accessories.  I got my healing mat, wide ruler and rotary cutter a year ago while into making bags and pencil cases for the children.  For anyone doing quilting, these are a must as it gives precision and makes our cutting/sewing life so much easier. That said, I hardly use them at all, havent sewn a quilt yet and there seem to be so many things that I want to do but dont have enough time to do them.

Bought my second rotary cum pinking cutter online from Singapore.  It's quite frustrating to note that sewing supplies are not easily available and when they are, it's expensive.  Even buying from Singapore and having them flew in is cheaper for now. Pinking cutter is great for those who does not have a serger - like me - and I pink my cotton most of the time on areas like armholes and necklines.  They do fray over time though. Again, this is hardly used.

A weekend shopping trip to a mall nearby and I found a thrift shop. A good one where there were loads of interesting things to buy - interesting and usable, not just cheap rubbish stuff nobody wants. So, I got this mini cutter for RM5 or USD1.60.  Thought I will use it to cut bias tapes, etc. Since its so cheap, I will buy a few more the next round. No refill though, just simply throw away and buy a new one.

Cutting by the layers seems to be a's easily ten layers here, though I am not sure if I am supposed to cut so many at one time. I have this lovely pink batik which I wanted to make something, not sure what yet. The wide ruler and healing mat with lines makes measuring so easy.

Done in a jiffy! The entire stack here finished in less than half hour. If by hand, that will take a long time!

Meanwhile, I sew a 'necklace' for Sopie - tailor's dummy! She had these pins all over her and for the longest time, I didn't like the sight of needles everywhere.  I am not really happy with the result, so I will make another one this weekend.  Talking about this dummy, I find that I hardly use I just might want to sell her off or just keep her in my sewing room. I find it such a pity to let go of her after taking such a long time to find and buy her, but is precious in my sewing room.

Happy sewing.


  1. I agree with you Sophie- sewing supplies are not easily available here. I got most of mine online. But there is a nice shop in SS15 and Oldtown. I saw the rotary cutter the other day and the price is about RM60, worth for its good quality. I have the rm5 mini rotary cutter- bought from Daiso, it doesn't cut well though.

  2. hi, do you sell cotton mannequin here? its a dummy for dress making. or do you have any lobang for cheap mannequins in singapore?

  3. May i know where you bought your rotary cutters in singapore? and how much were they?