Thursday, March 1, 2012


Seriously. I've got to cut my credit card into two and throw it away!

2nd day. 2nd purchase, another huge amount spent, but I could not resist this 2 of the many others I ordered.

There is something so sweet about this pattern. I love the drawing again. All the time! That sweet pink for my daughter..and maybe the grey for the gray version for me. I am not sure I am crazy over the big collar but it look so elegant.

I fell in love with these pleats instantly. Another must have. More money spent!

That's it! No more browsing the web for vintage. I promise I will sew them all and won't buy till I've finished each pattern. Well, that's what I said for all my previous patterns and I've not even sewn 10% of what I have now. However, it's a GREAT collection. Oldies are goldies, classic and just beautiful!


  1. I read in one of your older post that you were considering selling your dress form. I am in the market of buying one. Have you sold it yet? If not may I know the size of your dress form and how much is your asking price?


  2. Those are lovely patterns! I totally get the feeling. We want to stop but we can't (really). It's just too hard to resist the temptation to buy new patterns...or new sewing magazine. :)