Thursday, March 1, 2012

Was it that long?

You know that you haven't posted when you need to squeeze your brain for the password.
Problem related when one have more than one email.

It's been months since I've posted.

I've been on the longest medical leave ever and thought for once, I am going to sew 101 stuff, but it never happened.

Leave over. Back to work. Impossible time schedule and hardly any time to sew.

When I start sewing, I can't stop. When I stop, I can't find the motivation to start.

However.....I am super excited now! I've just purchased, and my largest purchase ever! Almost nearing to USD300 worth of vintage patterns. I fell in love with each and every pattern.  They are by far the most expensive purchase of vintage patterns ever, but they were just so good to look at, I had to buy them.
I always used US postal but this time I requested shipper to send to someone I know in the US, a business associate and will get them in in a jiffy. No lost parcel. No waiting, I am way too impatient for that.

Now, with so much money spent on the patterns, I promised myself that I will sew at least ONE dress a month. Surely I can do that (fingers and toes crossed!).

Vintage patterns are a HUGE deal in the US, but I have yet seen anyone sew here...maybe there is but I dont know them. I know others sewing out of Malaysia.  This will be my 5th batch of vintage patterns and what's the point of paying so much if one cant try them out right? Some of them are really old, but the patterns are beautiful. Okay, I may not go for that huge billowy skirt, that can be easily adapted.

So, to motivate myself back into the sewing mode again, I challenge myself this time.
One miserable dress a week, dead of alive haha! No pressure but no procastination and excuses either. I will post the photo of both dress and pattern monthly....hopefully.

I love all the Western patterns because it's been designed to make sewing very easy for us. Instructions are clear, markings precise and voila, it shall turn out at least okay and wearable. Considering that I am not a professional tailor.

Recently, I enquired about pattern drafting with a local tailor. Pattern drafting is something I always wanted to do. My bucket list.  Imagine if one can draw one's own pattern. No more buying expensive patterns. No more wishing for Burdastyle. No more pondering over Japanese patterns here. I do love Japanese, super easy, no need to read instructions, simple and almost a guarantee wearable. However, there's something of a fitted form in a vintage design which inspire me. I may have to loose some weight...okay, a lot of weight to be really looking fit and good, but hey, these vintage patterns will come in my size and the good part of sewing is I can change and customize.

I have a long list of vintage patterns  but since its been sold, its all off the shelf and I can't seem to find them online. There should be but I cant find most of them. I did manage to find this image which I am sharing.

This was the pattern which started me going "I got to have this pattern!" and one pattern led to another, and another...and more....

The one thing I love about vintage is, the illustrations are amazing, and somehow I am always drawn to the colours possibilities, even though they are just drawings. I actually want to make 3 dress like below, maybe even the same shade since I was so drawn and magnetized to this design. I love the blue with mixed fabric, the yellow one I can totally see myself in it, and oh...the red one is so tempting!

I just find these vintage patterns so classy and beautiful.

Am impatiently waiting for the arrival! Till then, sew(a)long!

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