Friday, April 27, 2012

Online buying

Okay, something not related to sewing. This online buying is so easy, addictive and damaging to my pocket. I have been buying way too much stuff! Help! It's a terrible addiction. First, the Coach duffle leather bag. In possession and using it now :)

Then, ordered this Michael Kors' Ring tote bag in vanilla. I wanted something that's not black and vanilla sounds just good.

And, Coach is having a sale till end April..more ordering, first their denim tote, perfect for Fridays work casual. Love the size!

Finally, last one I promised myself (but I know that is not going to happen..), just have to have this Coach denim hippie bag...perfect for weekends.

And, that's just for bags....not counting the rest...

Vintage sewing

I am a vintage pattern junkie. I spend too much time browsing my patterns, more time wondering which fabric to sew with which pattern and end up having no time to sew. Sounds funny, but that is exactly what happens to me.

While waiting impatiently for my vintage patterns to come, I am now drooling over these...

Vintage Vogue 1960's by Patou, so Twiggy-like and fun.

I am fascinated by this. It was listed as 1 piece simulated as 2 pieces by Jacques Heim, also 1960s.

Vogue seems to have some of the best designs from what I saw, but this Simplicity looks good too,  1960s.

Finally, another big favourite of mine, Vogue late 1950's pattern. Selling for USD133.50, wow..what a price, I love the collar..

After posting these pictures, I realised that I seem to like similar collars. Haven't sewn it before but definitely will try. I started off my vintage collection buying a lot of patterns from 1960s, loving the simple lines, then went on to the 1950's. I do note that the older they are, the more expensive are the patterns. Averaging USD15 per piece to USD50 or more, depending on it's rarity.  Vintage is definitely here to stay. I am taking a day off and having a short few days break. For sure to finish off my current project, a simple dress and to start my self challenge of vintage sewing soon.  


Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Firstly, some good news...long awaited good news and finally!
My missing parcel has been found in the US, safely in the hands of my office there, waiting to be sent back to me soon.  So, there was hope after all.

Secondly, I have this box and soon (boxes) full of vintage patterns when the ones I ordered arrive, hopefully by next week or so. I cant wait to sew all these vintage pattern.  I really would love to challenge myself by sewing a vintage project, hopefully, at least 2 a month. As it is now, sewing is snail paced and with work and kids, I am so short of time. I think twice a month is good.

When the patterns arrive, I will post all the pictures! Cant wait :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I have always imported fabrics and patterns from the USA to here.

All the time. Only one lost package, but I could live with that considering how many I order yearly.

Then the largest and the most expensive patterns of all - all 20 of them. Now lost in mail. Not even arranged to bring them here but within USA. I was so worried of it missing on the way, I had it sent to a US address, but it's gone for now.

1 month passed and all I can do it wait, pray and hope.