Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Firstly, some good news...long awaited good news and finally!
My missing parcel has been found in the US, safely in the hands of my office there, waiting to be sent back to me soon.  So, there was hope after all.

Secondly, I have this box and soon (boxes) full of vintage patterns when the ones I ordered arrive, hopefully by next week or so. I cant wait to sew all these vintage pattern.  I really would love to challenge myself by sewing a vintage project, hopefully, at least 2 a month. As it is now, sewing is snail paced and with work and kids, I am so short of time. I think twice a month is good.

When the patterns arrive, I will post all the pictures! Cant wait :)

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  1. that's wonderful to hear!.can't wait to see your vintage pattern collection :)