Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Making vintage and patterns

Over the weekend, I managed to sew my 2nd jacket. First was from this easy Simplicity 7125 pattern, but was  a disaster and didn't work out well. The fit was okay, but the lining went crazy.

Not giving up, I tried again and this time with better result. I was afraid of jackets and lining but sewing this was a breeze. I lined it and the best part was, I did not line the sleeves. I wear jackets a lot and always thought how good it will be to have them lined but not the sleeves due to our hot weather.   So, definitely happy with the result and made me more confident to make something a bit more challenging later.

My vintage patterns all came in order. Here, I am posting some of them. I love them all and seriously, want to make everything or at least my version of them.

This particular pattern even came with its original envelope.  I thought theat bodice was interesting and love the pleats on the skirt.

Some of the patterns.  Somehow....I am drawn to such patterns and even in drawings, I am fascinated with the colours and painted fabric play.

I'd like to make something like below but not a full length skirt, just the top only. Vintage patterns are so classic that we dont have to follow everything, just modify them and they are as good as modern!

Definitely very 70s but still wearable design.

I did try this, unsuccessfully...though it was a simple blouse, the measurement were a bit too small for me. Will add on more seams on the next project. However, I do love the princess seam as it flatters and hug the figure better.

A huge favourite! I love raglan sleeves and am attracted to the collar.

This, I've got to try! Look at the collar and how the sleeves are set.  I spent so much time studying this pattern and have it in my head for days!

I wonder if anyone sew vintage patterns here. I do know its huge across the pond. I love to read all the instructions and try out new patterns. Some times, it works out well...some times, not at all, but nothing like trying.  So, here's to more sewing. That white polar was sold at a stationary store but my fav for holding pins.

Happy sewing!


  1. wow! what a collection. Those are lovely patterns,very tempting. I love vintage but never really sew one-it'd be quite a challenge to make a vintage style look current. Your jacket looks great! Looking forward to see more of your creations

  2. You should post pics of you wearing your work ^_^. Your blog is very encouraging to go get the sewing done. Love the patterns btw