Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I'd like to think of myself as a creative person. My children certainly think so as I've helped them scored full As in all their art projects, so much so that their teachers often asked if I was involved. Unfortunately, that creativity has an enemy - time. Often having big ideas but not enough time to make anything. Piles of hexagon   waiting to be made a quilt. Many abandoned projects due to sewing problems, fit, gave up trying, frustrated in sewing, wrong sizing or fabric and the list and moaning goes on. 

However, I love to have my sewing space surrounded by handmade. 

Unfortunately, these are not mine. I wish I made them...but no.

I bought these from Bangkok on a recent trip. They are handmade from the hill tribes in the North of Thailand, and I just love the colours!

These 2 were made of pandanus leaves, the ones we used for making desserts and I bought them years ago from Cambodia. 

This pattern was from a previous post. I was writting about how much I like the collars. Though I hardly see many people wearing them now, I still like them.

So, I was very happy when the 'missing' patterns finally came and this was what I ordered. I actually have forgotten what I paid for earlier, those patterns took a detour somewhere in the US for a month before arriving. Am so glad it did.  See, it's the same collar :)

I posted this pattern I have earlier. I have cut it 2 weeks ago...that's how long I take to sew something at times. Poor time management.  I modified the pink version to a top. Dont be fooled by the simple design, that sharp corner at the yoke was a nightmare to make!! The instructions were all about matching the dots, notches and triangles...all so simple, but it does not tell me exactly how to sew them. I had to hand sewn them in place. Maybe some maverick sewist can do it...but not me. It's almost ready....and there was so much time spent on a simple top. Will blog about it later when I've got all the back buttons done.

Lastly, some of my fav vintage patterns for now! Find it here.
So classy and beautiful.

That's it for now. I've got to finish my version of that pink dress. Then look at more patterns and think of what to sew with which fabric. At times, just doing this...takes days. Talk about poor time management.

Happy sewing :)

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