Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mannequin, dressform

My mannequin or dressform has been much neglected.

When I wanted one desperately, I searched everywhere for it. Not just a plastic for display, but one that is closest to my form.  This is closest to me. The dressform I named Sophie...just need to put on more weight.

It's been so underused that it's for hanging mainly my bags in the sewing room. She's left at a corner of the room, neglected and feeling rather sad.

One day, I came home to this. She's obviously been given a facelift - literally, by the kids.

I smiled and thought remembered why we have Sophie in the sewing room. I must use her, where's the padding...


  1. Hi Sophie, I found your blog today while I was looking for dress forms!
    I am not leaving any stone unturned, so if you don't mind sharing information on where you got yours in Malaysia and how much it was, I'd really appreciate it and beyond.

    1. Hi Bojo,
      Prym sells 2 sizes of dressforms. let me paste the link for you and
      the selling price for the former is 440.20 and the latter 448.80.
      I hope that helps :)
      Owner of

  2. Hi Sophie, I just found your blog today. Those vintage patterns look really lovely. Where did you get them from? Especially the super old ones. I just started sewing. How did you get to sewing your clothes now? did you go for classes, from books or the internet? Please share. Thanks.

    Owner of
    (oh I actually set up a site so I can buy things for myself to use and hopefully get people to sew along with me. I hope one day I can sew super lovely outfits for all my grandkids ;) )