Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I have stopped sewing for a long time. Even took a little time to figure out how to use the simple machine. However, all in all, sewing NEVER left my mind. There are thousand and one thing I want to do and sew. I come to my own blog almost every day to see what's up on my side links. I am so amazed with people sewing beautiful clothing, dresses, quilts non stop. They seem really perfect to me.

I re-located my sewing room. We had 2 rooms on ground floor. I was at the larger room but need to share space with the son. Then I decided the kids should take the larger room, and me - the smaller one. I do have an ulterior motive though, smaller room also means no sharing. I am selfish when it comes to my sewing space, plus it has a window and a newly installed aircondition. So, no more excuse.

I spent way too much time pondering over all the patterns, vintage and new, all those sewing books on the shelf. 80% of the time is spend dreaming what pattern to  make and which cloth to use. My husband said that that precious 80% of time would have produced a dress or two. True! The children said, just do it, why need to ponder. Seriously, why do I ponder? I have really no idea. So, just sew is good I guess....

It's a small narrow room but everything about sewing that I need (and don't) is there. So, that's good.
I went for a white theme and sewn a simple curtain for the window. I bought this material locally and it was imported, so I remembered paying quite a lot for it.  With the airconditioned also meant the kids like to hang out in this small sewing's really hot here at times. Even our cats laze around here every night.

I thought I'd crawl back to blogging as a way to self-kick-start to do more sewing. Way too many patterns unused, too much fabric stacked neatly. Husband does not understand why one need to hoard fabrics, why can't I buy what is needed. Well, any sewist will know that we need tons of fabric. The real test would be do we really use them or not? Actually, who cares. Just buy and keep. Maybe one day I will make a proper quilt for my grand children..or great grand children. I am pretty sure that quilt will materialise on day.
I remembered when I was busy blogging here, I always have something to sew. Or, waiting for more vintage patterns to arrive, buying more fabrics and that sort of motivated me to blog more. Anyway, fast forward from last post, I am still dreaming to sew - a lot more. Finally, I am motivated to do something. Dreams do and need to come true haha!

I cut the small picture (taken from a magazine) because I liked the dress. Looks simple and lovely and found almost a perfect pattern match for it.  Just omit the collar and sleeves and voila! I've got the pattern.  The skirt do need to be down sized a bit...but that's easy.

So, I do hope to start this weekend and post some progress...eeek...Seems like that's how motivated I am to sew.

Till then, I am back to dreaming more patterns and fabric....

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