Thursday, March 21, 2013


All patterns are not owned by me. You can click on link to purchase from buyer. I am absolutely jealous they got hold of these patterns. For now, I am a vintage junkie as I find them beautiful and one can simply change some of the patterns to suit what's modern. In fact, I find no matter how fashion evolves, it's the basic that stand the test of time. It gets repeated no matter which era we live in. I just love the first two patterns, very Hollywood and in today's world of simple T, short pants and slippers, designs like this make me dream of glamour.

Some of the rare vintage designer couture patterns I like. Wished I posses them too.
Maybe I will never sew them, but I would love to have them!

From Vogue

Vintage Vogue 50's, rare, hard to find original patterns from

Vintage uncut Balenciaga from

Vogue Paris by Christian Dior from
Love, love the simple design.

Vintage Vogue by Pierre Balmain from
Totally am eyeing this pattern! I love clean and simple lines.
And it's a Balmain design.

Vogue by Valentino from
Another simple design. Love it and still a very relevant modern day design.
It's Valentino, so enough said.

Love this mod suite from

Now, I got to go back to fav place to look for more wonderful vintage patterns. I am back in the mood and will see what I like before buying these patterns.

Bye for now.

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