Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Last weekend had been the most satisfying time. I did a little sewing and completed 3 WIPs.
While digging through bundles and boxes of WIPs (it's a sad thing-y, but so true), I found 3 unfinished projects which were near completion but not. These were made I think 2 years ago. Will write later on this.

I made this blue polka dot dress a long time ago. 90% completed but for some reason, I didn't.
I tried it on and immediately knew why. Originally, it had short sleeves and wearing it, well, made me looked really matronly. At my age, anything that made me look one year older, I would try to avoid it, let alone something that added many years to it. Yes, I am THAT vain. I looked and pondered over it and thought, here goes another one to be cut up to be used as rags. Unfortunately, that happened a lot. Frustration in sewing comes aplenty for me. With no one to refer to, there was a lot of trial and error. Wrong fabric, wrong style, wrong pattern, wrong fit..the list could go on and on. The good part is, after 2 years of self learning, I do know better how to fit, but sometimes, that wrong choice of fabric or colour does happen.

So, with sleeves and matronly looking and instead of ending up as a mop, I wondered if it could be salvaged.  The dress was from a vintage pattern and not making for the first time. I took off the sleeves and wondered if will be be better. Well, voila! It did look better, not the best but I could live with wearing it. Pair it with a red belt and white or blue jacket and I am ready to go!

The interesting part I discovered was how to make a belt loop from a crocheting needled. It had been a long, long time since I crocheted but I bought the needle recently thinking that one day I will use it. Quite often I wear dresses and find the belt sit way too low or not on the right place. Bought dresses always comes with the loop and after some simple experimentation, I figured out how to make this simple loop. It may be easy peasy for experienced sewist but for us, we had to self learn. Of course Youtube and Google have very good tutorial, but I was so happy I figured out making it as I had crocheting experience before.
The dress was okay, fitted very well and I was happy. Time completed was only 2 hours. I took off the sleeves so I can wear them with a jacket and the tiny belt made it modern. Well, my version anyway.
I completed 2 other projects too. A simple blouse that needed only to sew the hem and another sheath dress which need to attach it's underlining. Super simple!

I have problems loading so many pictures, so will post more.  My background white cabinet has a thick handbag-inspired fabric which I used to cover the glass (cover mess inside too :), and I have 4 meters of it. Suitable to make handbags or project as it's a thick material, not for clothing (though I thought it was and wanted to make nigh gowns out of it, another problem with buying online!).  I actually don't know who visit this web but if anyone wants some of it, half meter, one meter etc., I'd give it away FOC as there is no point to keep so much fabric which won't be used.

I did cut a dress and waiting to be sewn. I challenged myself to sew something every week. Completing this project was so important to me now as after a long hibernation and total laziness in sewing, it inspired me to do what I always love, creating stuff for myself :)  Well...that's my take on sewing anyway.

So, sew on!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


There is something about sewing room that draws most sewist attention. I love white and love huge, huge spaces. I have white but that 'huge' space is not happening yet unless I shift the sewing room from ground floor to the upper unit. However, we just installed an air conditioner, so unless I get another unit...and re-organise 2 rooms AND pursuade the husband the need to shift again. It's probably will be some time I am stuck in my small room. Seriously, I'd rather have an extension and have a room with a view of our outdoor fish pond. That will be super cool! However, having that means major renovation and that cost a lot of money.

This is one room I will love.. From Martha Stewart.
Simple, clean lines and you can get them probably from Ikea.

This is from
I am swooning over the sweetness of the room. Love, love, love the table!!

Love those storage at the top and that blue chair! Now I gotta find a similar chair with this colour :)
Image belongs to

This is quite similar to what I have, only prettier and more space!
Love those boxes. Image belongs to
When I popped over to see her beautiful space, not just for crafting, but the entire home....I fell in love with all the white and blue combination.

Simplicity at it's best!
From :
Look at that carpet :)

If one surf the internet, you will find ENDLESS photos and links of super creative people. It's amazing how they decorate their sewing and crafting spaces and each one is so unique to the owner. Even with a small space, I still want to improvise and make the space prettier. I think it's a never ending process and one day, I will have that room with a fish pond view.

All photos are not mine and links have been provided to rightful owner. If you do copy here or anywhere else, please ensure to provide proper link to the owner of photos. Never, ever copy and state it as your own, but that said, there are people who do such thing.

So sew on! Look around the space you have, improvise, change and you will be surprised how a new coat of paint and transform any room.

Friday, April 5, 2013


I think it is a GREAT way to buy ONE Magazine and have like 30 designs. Now that's really value for money. I was told Burda used to sell here but then, it was stopped. No market obviously. The only person I know who needs sewing is my mom because she has problem finding clothing her size. I have problem finding clothing to my liking. Price aside, I am still not getting what I want. Those I love are way too expensive, those affordable are not to my liking. Still, I don't know anyone who sew. Many local sewing uniforms yes, but not fashion dresses.  So, the search does continue on. If I could like that one fairy seamstress, I will unload like few boxes of fabric to her to sew for me all year long. Someone who is professional and sew like a dream and still charges reasonable.

Here's an old Burda spread.


THE PATTERNS. If you can survive finding and tracing the correct one, good luck. Otherwise, it's :((

Of course, there is the instructions! They are all written like you read a magazine, step by step but no illustrations. So, if you can survive that too! Thumbs UP  :P

I shouldn't complain. It's still easier to figure it out than the Japanese book. Though very simple and easy, I've come across some which are similar to our Malaysian road signs. From point A to B, it leads you to somewhere midway, and then you have to figure out how to reach the final destination..or on this case, completion of sewing. Unless, it's a super simple brainless sewing knowledge, buy it for the pattern. So, some basic sewing is required. Otherwise, read through all the instructions before buying and if you are comfortable with it, grab them and start sewing. 

Sew on!


It has been frustrating times at the sewing room.
Firstly, it has been a mess. No sewing, but still a mess.
It has been taken over my the son whenever he wants to do his homework - more reason to 'not go in'.
I cant's sew in a mess.
I can't even think or function when anything is in a mess.
It's like my brain had been cluttered and frozen.

It's a lousy routine.
Go in, see my patterns, see my fabrics, and do nothing.
I DID cut a pattern but upon cutting and trying it on the dressform and on myself, it made me look 10 years older. Must be that awful green colour. Have no freaking idea why I bought it in the first place. So, I ended up putting it where 'most' WIPs are put, somewhere I can't see but it's stored somewhere. A bit like my sub-conscious, and it will come back to haunt me one day when this lousy stack grow. And it does, unfortunately. So, overall, nothing happened. AND, all this is going on when I am seriously checking online looking for sergers and overlockers. I want to sew knits, but who am I kidding? Time stood still and nothing happened. Maybe sewist block? 

Anyway, I went online shopping. Nothing like retail or online therapy.
I don't just live in the 60s patterns, I love them but I also love the current ones. So, I went online and bought more patterns on sale. I call it a shopping disease. Buying too much stuff one wants but not necessary need. Ending up storing more boxes of patterns with humongous ideas and dreams and that's why it end. Floating in the air thinking one day I will sew more.  So, here's one of the many pattern I bought... and shopping did not just stopped at this unfortunately. I need to find a shopaholic anonymous soon. 

Hopefully...I am able to pinch myself back to reality and sew something, anything soon.

Be brave and sew on!