Tuesday, April 9, 2013


There is something about sewing room that draws most sewist attention. I love white and love huge, huge spaces. I have white but that 'huge' space is not happening yet unless I shift the sewing room from ground floor to the upper unit. However, we just installed an air conditioner, so unless I get another unit...and re-organise 2 rooms AND pursuade the husband the need to shift again. It's probably will be some time I am stuck in my small room. Seriously, I'd rather have an extension and have a room with a view of our outdoor fish pond. That will be super cool! However, having that means major renovation and that cost a lot of money.

This is one room I will love.. From Martha Stewart.
Simple, clean lines and you can get them probably from Ikea.

This is from http://glasshalffull-kim.blogspot.com.au/2012/11/my-studio.html.
I am swooning over the sweetness of the room. Love, love, love the table!!

Love those storage at the top and that blue chair! Now I gotta find a similar chair with this colour :)
Image belongs to http://www.everythingetsy.com/2013/01/featured-creative-space-ballarat-patchwork/

This is quite similar to what I have, only prettier and more space!
Love those boxes. Image belongs to http://mobile.boligmagasinet.dk/article/77281-huset-med-den-bla-trad/gallery/454003.
When I popped over to see her beautiful space, not just for crafting, but the entire home....I fell in love with all the white and blue combination.

Simplicity at it's best!
From : http://www.realsimple.com/home-organizing/decorating/craft-room-ideas-00100000078234/page6.html.
Look at that carpet :)

If one surf the internet, you will find ENDLESS photos and links of super creative people. It's amazing how they decorate their sewing and crafting spaces and each one is so unique to the owner. Even with a small space, I still want to improvise and make the space prettier. I think it's a never ending process and one day, I will have that room with a fish pond view.

All photos are not mine and links have been provided to rightful owner. If you do copy here or anywhere else, please ensure to provide proper link to the owner of photos. Never, ever copy and state it as your own, but that said, there are people who do such thing.

So sew on! Look around the space you have, improvise, change and you will be surprised how a new coat of paint and transform any room.

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