Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Last weekend had been the most satisfying time. I did a little sewing and completed 3 WIPs.
While digging through bundles and boxes of WIPs (it's a sad thing-y, but so true), I found 3 unfinished projects which were near completion but not. These were made I think 2 years ago. Will write later on this.

I made this blue polka dot dress a long time ago. 90% completed but for some reason, I didn't.
I tried it on and immediately knew why. Originally, it had short sleeves and wearing it, well, made me looked really matronly. At my age, anything that made me look one year older, I would try to avoid it, let alone something that added many years to it. Yes, I am THAT vain. I looked and pondered over it and thought, here goes another one to be cut up to be used as rags. Unfortunately, that happened a lot. Frustration in sewing comes aplenty for me. With no one to refer to, there was a lot of trial and error. Wrong fabric, wrong style, wrong pattern, wrong fit..the list could go on and on. The good part is, after 2 years of self learning, I do know better how to fit, but sometimes, that wrong choice of fabric or colour does happen.

So, with sleeves and matronly looking and instead of ending up as a mop, I wondered if it could be salvaged.  The dress was from a vintage pattern and not making for the first time. I took off the sleeves and wondered if will be be better. Well, voila! It did look better, not the best but I could live with wearing it. Pair it with a red belt and white or blue jacket and I am ready to go!

The interesting part I discovered was how to make a belt loop from a crocheting needled. It had been a long, long time since I crocheted but I bought the needle recently thinking that one day I will use it. Quite often I wear dresses and find the belt sit way too low or not on the right place. Bought dresses always comes with the loop and after some simple experimentation, I figured out how to make this simple loop. It may be easy peasy for experienced sewist but for us, we had to self learn. Of course Youtube and Google have very good tutorial, but I was so happy I figured out making it as I had crocheting experience before.
The dress was okay, fitted very well and I was happy. Time completed was only 2 hours. I took off the sleeves so I can wear them with a jacket and the tiny belt made it modern. Well, my version anyway.
I completed 2 other projects too. A simple blouse that needed only to sew the hem and another sheath dress which need to attach it's underlining. Super simple!

I have problems loading so many pictures, so will post more.  My background white cabinet has a thick handbag-inspired fabric which I used to cover the glass (cover mess inside too :), and I have 4 meters of it. Suitable to make handbags or project as it's a thick material, not for clothing (though I thought it was and wanted to make nigh gowns out of it, another problem with buying online!).  I actually don't know who visit this web but if anyone wants some of it, half meter, one meter etc., I'd give it away FOC as there is no point to keep so much fabric which won't be used.

I did cut a dress and waiting to be sewn. I challenged myself to sew something every week. Completing this project was so important to me now as after a long hibernation and total laziness in sewing, it inspired me to do what I always love, creating stuff for myself :)  Well...that's my take on sewing anyway.

So, sew on!

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