Friday, April 5, 2013


It has been frustrating times at the sewing room.
Firstly, it has been a mess. No sewing, but still a mess.
It has been taken over my the son whenever he wants to do his homework - more reason to 'not go in'.
I cant's sew in a mess.
I can't even think or function when anything is in a mess.
It's like my brain had been cluttered and frozen.

It's a lousy routine.
Go in, see my patterns, see my fabrics, and do nothing.
I DID cut a pattern but upon cutting and trying it on the dressform and on myself, it made me look 10 years older. Must be that awful green colour. Have no freaking idea why I bought it in the first place. So, I ended up putting it where 'most' WIPs are put, somewhere I can't see but it's stored somewhere. A bit like my sub-conscious, and it will come back to haunt me one day when this lousy stack grow. And it does, unfortunately. So, overall, nothing happened. AND, all this is going on when I am seriously checking online looking for sergers and overlockers. I want to sew knits, but who am I kidding? Time stood still and nothing happened. Maybe sewist block? 

Anyway, I went online shopping. Nothing like retail or online therapy.
I don't just live in the 60s patterns, I love them but I also love the current ones. So, I went online and bought more patterns on sale. I call it a shopping disease. Buying too much stuff one wants but not necessary need. Ending up storing more boxes of patterns with humongous ideas and dreams and that's why it end. Floating in the air thinking one day I will sew more.  So, here's one of the many pattern I bought... and shopping did not just stopped at this unfortunately. I need to find a shopaholic anonymous soon. 

Hopefully...I am able to pinch myself back to reality and sew something, anything soon.

Be brave and sew on!

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  1. Im sure u'll kick start soon dear. I hv d same problem too. I cant start sewing when my sewing room is in a mess. And I hv a lot of WIPs too. Haha.. I guess that just comes naturally to us, seamstress. Too ambitious with too little time ;p