Friday, April 5, 2013


I think it is a GREAT way to buy ONE Magazine and have like 30 designs. Now that's really value for money. I was told Burda used to sell here but then, it was stopped. No market obviously. The only person I know who needs sewing is my mom because she has problem finding clothing her size. I have problem finding clothing to my liking. Price aside, I am still not getting what I want. Those I love are way too expensive, those affordable are not to my liking. Still, I don't know anyone who sew. Many local sewing uniforms yes, but not fashion dresses.  So, the search does continue on. If I could like that one fairy seamstress, I will unload like few boxes of fabric to her to sew for me all year long. Someone who is professional and sew like a dream and still charges reasonable.

Here's an old Burda spread.


THE PATTERNS. If you can survive finding and tracing the correct one, good luck. Otherwise, it's :((

Of course, there is the instructions! They are all written like you read a magazine, step by step but no illustrations. So, if you can survive that too! Thumbs UP  :P

I shouldn't complain. It's still easier to figure it out than the Japanese book. Though very simple and easy, I've come across some which are similar to our Malaysian road signs. From point A to B, it leads you to somewhere midway, and then you have to figure out how to reach the final destination..or on this case, completion of sewing. Unless, it's a super simple brainless sewing knowledge, buy it for the pattern. So, some basic sewing is required. Otherwise, read through all the instructions before buying and if you are comfortable with it, grab them and start sewing. 

Sew on!

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