Thursday, May 16, 2013


For my past 3 years of sewing, I have been doing French seams. They are easy and I do them for everything....except the sleeves. I did read somewhere that one can do French seams but just putting the sleeves is already a nightmare, so what I normally did was to bind them. Totally waste of time. It was either that or sent it to the shop for serging.  Serging here is cheap but the nearest shop I know is like 10 km away and crawling past the jam was no fun.

So, I got my serger / overlocker. I set it side by side next to my sewing machine.

No more worries of when to French seam them. All I need to do is to swoosh to and fro with my roller chair. So, sewing is more fun now. Way more fun.

For anyone who can afford one, I strongly suggest you get one. There are many varieties and some are affordable. If you are into sewing clothing like me, you will love and appreciate the overlocker as much as you love your sewing machine.  Both can do the other job. My Brother can actually overlock, but it is no way near the proper one.

I made a simple blouse. I havent taken the photo yet though it's finished..but here I want to show you the why I love my overlocker. It's clean and finished in just seconds. Here, I overlocked it together with my underlining, or is it called something else. I am no good at all these sewing jargon, all I know is this the firmer material for most collars and jackets.

Back view. Instead of doing a fold over at the edges or sew them with bias tapes, I overlocked/serged them together. They are kind of thick sewn together but the machine can do it if you go slowly.

Here's the front portion. Neatly done.

That fushia material was chiffon (I hate sewing them...) but I liked the colour and print and it was sold really cheap at RM4.00 per meter (just a little over USD1.00) and I used only 2 meters.  So, it was  super cheap.

So, there is way more fun with this mean machine around :)

Friday, May 3, 2013


NOTE: All pictures belong to rightful owners, links provided. I don't own these set of pictures, I just dream and drool over them. If you copy any pictures, make sure you link them back to the right owners.

From : morning sun. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I want that huge tub in prints!

From Ikeafamily --- drool~ I LOVE that space.  White is my no. 1 fav colour, paired up with light grey table seems perfect.

From Pinterest (sorry, could find the correct link). Neat and organised, just like I like it :)

Now, this! From Raisin toast. Not only I super love that table, I super-duper DROOL, DREAM AND LOVE THAT whole room. If I have this, I will tick of my other 2 must haves. Cutting table and pond facing sewing room! This picture was before her re-organisation.

This was after. Honestly, I really love both. The second one looks so cosy and takes up little space.

I am trying to squeeze my brain on how to incorporate a foldable or tuck away table into my tiny sewing room. Don't think it's happening meanwhile, I dream of them. 
My husband never understand me. Why need a serger? Why need cutting table? Why need so much fabric? Why need so much space? Why need all these when you have no time to sew? 
Well, the answer is simple: I need them because...I need them. That's all.

Pattern and an overlocker

After 3 weeks, all my 12 patterns arrived from the US.
Half of the price was for the patterns, which were cheap.
The other half was for postage.
The envelope came a bit tattered but the patterns inside were all in good condition, so I am happy.
The fist thing I made was this skirt. I was so excited, I spent the next few days after receiving the patterns, cutting the papers, cloth - this time and first time sewing tafetta, doing the underling (I hate them!) and sewing them together. 
The pattern looks good - on the model. The real one ...bit less ideal on me, but acceptable. 
Note to self - make some minor changes next time.

There is 3 wish list I have for my sewing adventures.
1. Serger/overlocker - done!
2. Huge cutting table?
3. New room facing my pond - not yet!!

I wanted to buy the latest Brother's overlocker. My current machine is Brother and thought it will be easier if I want to send both for servicing. 
The website listing on the nearest to where I stayed - mobile number is invalid.
I called Brother's directly and promised a Sales person will call me soon.
Called 2 times, no reply. Bad service.
I am a very impatient person. If I want something, I probably want to have it yesterday.
So, off I went to Singer (near to my house anyway), and bought one immediately.
The Singer overlocker came with twin needles and 4 spools, all hooked up nicely.
Took it home. Tested in and have some short lived fun of the spool thread ran out.
I spent the next 1 hour figuring how to loop it. Not much fun. Lousy instructions on the booklet because everything was printed in black, thread included, so how to see exactly how it works?
Instructions of the machine was not much help.
It came with a CD but I was too lazy to put it it.
BUT, hook it up I did and tinkered with it to get the tension right.
Once, you figured out how to loop it...then it's a breeze, so tons of patience is needed.

So, here's the overlocker. It was super fun because I serged everything! Especially love that I can serge both fabric for underlining together. 
It came with a flimsy plastic cover - ugly.
So, I made a cover a ton of craft fabric I ordered from the US.
That London-y fabric is my favourite, so I am glad the last bits got sewn as a cover. 
However, still short of a little fabric, I paired it with Amy Butler red circle fabric.
It does look a bit wonky here because the overlocker is not exactly square-ish.
I am happy with the result. I started sewing making bags for my children and I missed doing such simple crafting.  

Why serge/overlock?
I am still confused on the difference, seems the same to me :)
I have always did the french seams. Though it was a bit more work, it worked fine for many projects.
The only issue I had was doing sleeves...which is my nemesis...still can't fit them perfectly, let alone do french seams.
The skirt pleats demanded some cutting like this picture below, see the odd shapes? Definitely can't do french seams, so that's where my overlocker came to the rescue. The result was a clean seam cover.
It does cut down a lot of time though which I love to the max!!
I used to send some of my earlier clothing for serging and loved how those ladies serged them with the cutter, everything was so tidy. Mine came with the cutter but I didn't use it most of the time. Didn't like all those small bits of thread all over the machine.  If the fabric was cut accurately, I find that there is not need to cut the extras, saves loads on cleaning. I read the machine can do many other stuff too...which I will tinkle on later.

Anyway, happy sewing!