Friday, May 3, 2013


NOTE: All pictures belong to rightful owners, links provided. I don't own these set of pictures, I just dream and drool over them. If you copy any pictures, make sure you link them back to the right owners.

From : morning sun. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I want that huge tub in prints!

From Ikeafamily --- drool~ I LOVE that space.  White is my no. 1 fav colour, paired up with light grey table seems perfect.

From Pinterest (sorry, could find the correct link). Neat and organised, just like I like it :)

Now, this! From Raisin toast. Not only I super love that table, I super-duper DROOL, DREAM AND LOVE THAT whole room. If I have this, I will tick of my other 2 must haves. Cutting table and pond facing sewing room! This picture was before her re-organisation.

This was after. Honestly, I really love both. The second one looks so cosy and takes up little space.

I am trying to squeeze my brain on how to incorporate a foldable or tuck away table into my tiny sewing room. Don't think it's happening meanwhile, I dream of them. 
My husband never understand me. Why need a serger? Why need cutting table? Why need so much fabric? Why need so much space? Why need all these when you have no time to sew? 
Well, the answer is simple: I need them because...I need them. That's all.

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  1. Lol!i have yards of fabric that i havent even cut into yet and i'm still buying more to stare at lovingly and day dream about