Thursday, May 16, 2013


For my past 3 years of sewing, I have been doing French seams. They are easy and I do them for everything....except the sleeves. I did read somewhere that one can do French seams but just putting the sleeves is already a nightmare, so what I normally did was to bind them. Totally waste of time. It was either that or sent it to the shop for serging.  Serging here is cheap but the nearest shop I know is like 10 km away and crawling past the jam was no fun.

So, I got my serger / overlocker. I set it side by side next to my sewing machine.

No more worries of when to French seam them. All I need to do is to swoosh to and fro with my roller chair. So, sewing is more fun now. Way more fun.

For anyone who can afford one, I strongly suggest you get one. There are many varieties and some are affordable. If you are into sewing clothing like me, you will love and appreciate the overlocker as much as you love your sewing machine.  Both can do the other job. My Brother can actually overlock, but it is no way near the proper one.

I made a simple blouse. I havent taken the photo yet though it's finished..but here I want to show you the why I love my overlocker. It's clean and finished in just seconds. Here, I overlocked it together with my underlining, or is it called something else. I am no good at all these sewing jargon, all I know is this the firmer material for most collars and jackets.

Back view. Instead of doing a fold over at the edges or sew them with bias tapes, I overlocked/serged them together. They are kind of thick sewn together but the machine can do it if you go slowly.

Here's the front portion. Neatly done.

That fushia material was chiffon (I hate sewing them...) but I liked the colour and print and it was sold really cheap at RM4.00 per meter (just a little over USD1.00) and I used only 2 meters.  So, it was  super cheap.

So, there is way more fun with this mean machine around :)

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  1. Hi Sophie,

    I would like to know where did you buy your tailor dummy. Hoping you could help me on this. I really enjoy reading your blog and look forward to see more from you. Thanks a lot.