Friday, January 3, 2014


Is it really 2014 now?
I seemed to have zoomed in and out 2013. I had a couple of exciting sewing stuff done, but from mid 2013, it sort of went downhill. Lots of excuses for not sewing.

I have a small sewing space all to myself. Loads of sewing patterns and stacks upon stacks of fabric untouched. Every time I walked past the room, which is every day, I reminded myself I have to start something.

There is always 101 things brewing in my head.
Want to finish off mom's hem, could have done it half day, but not.
Sew daughter's Instax pouch.
Sew  a top.
Sew another dress, and etc., etc..
It is a never ending long list of things to do.
I . Just . Need . To . Start.
And I know, once I start...there's no stopping.

Will start off with more projects!

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