Monday, February 10, 2014


It has been a long time since I shopped Ikea fabric. I went to Ikea over the weekend to buy some stuff and when I passed the fabric section, I fell in love with their limited edition of these fabric. I super love them, so very Asian and Japanese.

Have a look :)

 This 'fan' motive is so pretty in red and has a green stripe at the side.

I absolutely LOVE this to the max!! So Japanese!

Finally, what better to get a matching gold fish tea towels. They are not cheap here, so I would not use them as towels but instead I will sew it or make something to match the above black fabric. Super duper love! I want to go back and few a few more panels since it's limited edition.

Happy sewing!

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  1. Hi sophue, Would like to know any sewing classes in kl or pj area