Tuesday, March 25, 2014


What can I say! I love sewing patterns. Love selecting, paying, buying, anxiously waiting for them to arrive. I must say that patterns are very affordable in the US, but the shipping can be as expensive as 40% of the actual patterns, but still worth it because I cant find ANY here.  This year, this is my second purchase and I know there will be a few more. Can I sew all of them? No, it will take another 20 years to finish any considering how busy I am at home. I hardly have time to sew.
Here are a sneak of what I bought.  I missed Butterick B5962 on the left, so I ordered two. Makes no sense to order two, but I did. Love the jacket on the right...one day, I shall make it.

Another one that I want to try. Looks so easy and peplum is in fashion now.

More peplum!

Let's talk about what I DONT like to do. Cutting the patterns.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sewing, but cutting patterns and fabric is not my favourite, but of course, it's still a must. No cut pattern or fabric, no sewing. It's one of those thing that I have to put on some music and try to enjoy the process. Another 'want to have' is a proper cutting table.

But alas...I cannot complain about cutting pattern that I have.
Have you ever seen the patterns from the Burda Magazine??
The nearest a Burda Magazine is sold is in Singapore. You will never find any here, maybe someone may have some old issues. To be honest, Burda's patterns aren't my fav but I still buy them whenever I am overseas just to add on to my collection.  Some of the patterns are fun and I want to try, but then I opened the patterns and find something like below. Patterns after patterns on top of more patterns.  You really have to be super patient and a good eye to, to trace all of them onto another paper before cutting them. So, for me, it's a big NO NO. I dread even cutting normal patterns, so this will definitely give me super migrane. Something sewist doest not need when sewing.

Yesterday night, I cut up both patterns and fabric. This is good preparation for this weekend's sewing. It is interesting that my sewing time is very short, but selection of patterns and fabric takes days. I really have no idea why?

Will post more...so, sew on :)


  1. Hi! I am a fellow sewer, and I love Burda Style magazines too. Currently I subscribe them through Newsstand. Love even their Winter issues though Singapore's climate will never allow me to wear them.

  2. Hello , where can I order such magazines ?