Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I have a HUGE admiration of people sewing their own clothing. Unless you tried sewing, you will know that it can be both very easy or a total nightmare. I've had my fair share of 'abandoned' sewing projects.
Am stuck and nowhere to go - abandon.
Don't like the material - abandon. (I thought it looked good at first.)
Don't like the fit - abandon.
And so on...

After a few years of trial and error, I must say, the sewing skills have improved slightly. The only thing I do not have is time. Time is always against me. Procastination too - major issue.
I sit pondering over hundreds of patterns day in and out, looking at all the fabrics and still cannot decide what to do. That alone - takes weeks.
I do notice that once I cut the fabric, I am full steam ahead and can sew days without stop.

While sewing did not take priority for some time, another hobby took over.
Buying patterns online.
If you live in this part of the pond, you will know - patterns are almost impossible to find.
There was only one little fabric shop at a shopping mall I knew who sell them.  Very old fashioned, maybe ala 80's (not my fav) and totally out of date patterns and sold for at least 2 - 4 times more than what I normally would buy.  This pattern-hoarding madness started when I wanted so much to sew my own clothes but cant find a teacher or mentor. It all started from buying vintage patterns online. Then I discovered this website selling all the patterns one can dream of, and I was on a roll! My largest purchase was last year, costing more than USD300++ and it went missing for almost 4 months. I almost gave up and then, the parcel appeared. Saved the day and my life too.

Well, pattern madness continued. As I typed now, I just placed an order for some new patterns.
What made me even way more happier is the ones I ordered exactly one month ago --- arrived. Here's the loot, all 13 of them :)

I love all of them. As to exactly when I will sew them...no one knows.

And, these 2 are top of my priority. Love that Vogue/Ralph Rucci design. Did I mention that I have making sleeves. That is one thing I am still struggling. Worry not, sleeves - one day I shall conquer you.  I love the simple lines of Ralph Rucci and another top of sewing list is the one on the left, the red Cullote pants. I love pants and wear them everyday. I had sewn a few --- all cannot be worn ---abandoned.  Somehow, it's either the cutting or fit that was horrible. I love Cullotes, so this, I have to try and top of my list for now.

Another fav. Burda 6901. Love that curve on the waist, it should be so flattering. Most jackets or blouses are pretty much straight, but this I love the slight curve.  I am not sure about others, I have an inclination of making my clothing very similar to the patterns fabric. Of course, this is not the case, but I think it's the combination of pattern and what's sewn as a sample that I am attracted too. 

Another one I like:Butterick B6026. A simple blouse but has very interesting detailing at both collars and waist. It certainly makes a dull blouse interesting so I am wanting to try it too.

Well, that's all for now. I do know for the next few days,  I will be admiring my patterns. There are 13 new ones, so it will keep me occupied for a few days of just looking and peeking inside to see how they will be constructed. This will add on to another 3 full boxes of patterns. I have no idea how many I have but I will count them soon. I am guessing it's more than 100+.  Not to mention, there's another new batch coming in soon. Thank you US postal, although you were a bit slow this time..but you never failed me :)

Happy sewing.


  1. I love patterns too but as you know it, it's too hard to buy here in KL... i would normally buy the japanese sewing books at Kinokuniya...they normally come with a lot of patterns! :)

  2. I have a bit of a pattern habit too... Do you shop from the Vogue / McCall's website in the US? They have amazing sales - though the postage can be quite high! I was reading on the McCall's blog the other day that those Ralph Rucci patterns are absolutely his designs and his way of making them - I will be getting some!

  3. Hi there! I was searching on where to get vintage sewing patterns in Singapore and I stumbled on your post (: Any chance you'd like to sell any of your collection?

    (Also do you think there's a market for importing and selling patterns in Singapore? I'm so sick of having to ship mine!)

  4. Hello , where can I buy or order such magazines in KL ?